Bird Watching

Birding in the White Mountains of Eastern Arizona

There is no end to the activities in the White Mountains during the summer months. Hiking, camping, fishing, exploring, and deck-chair lounging are popular—and the list goes on. Now there is something new! The White Mountains are slowly becoming known as a birding destination. The prime season for birding is June through September. June and July are the breeding months and the birds are more vocal and easier to spot. August and September is when you can catch glimpses of migratory birds, as well as local varieties.

Expert birders were kind enough to share with us some of the species and their locations. On this page are: dusky grouse, pinyon jays, Lewis’s woodpecker, American three-toed woodpecker, gray jay, Clarks nutcrackers, and American dippers, to name a few.

For Grouse, look in knolls such as Green’s Peak and Big Lake Lookout; all around Nutrioso for Lewis’s woodpecker, and the west fork of the Little Colorado in Greer is a good place to find Dippers. The south fork, Sunrise Lake and campground, Grasslands Wildlife Area, Becker Lake, Luna Lake in Alpine, Terry Flats on Escudilla Mountain, Sipes Wildlife Area, and Wenema Riparian Area have other species and are within easy driving distance of Springerville-Eagar.