Springerville Heritage Center

Springerville Heritage Center logo (image)

Ten years in the making, the Springerville Heritage Center offers visitors and community members opportunities to learn about history, art, and the area. This is the place to start your trip, with the visitor’s center where tourist information is readily available.

Four museums from around the communities of Round Valley have been relocated into the historic school building at 418 East Main Street in Springerville:

The Renee Cushman Museum, the Becker Family History Museum, Casa Malpaís, and the White Mountain Historical Society. the Springerville-Eagar Chamber of Commerce has been relocated to the front of the Town of Springerville Complex, and a new art gallery has been added in the expanded space.

Local artists from the Greater Round Valley Fine Arts Association display their work in the 150-ft. main hallway and include works from photographers, oil and watercolor painters, quilters, needle-pointers, and more!

Settling in the area after leaving France, Renee Cushman lived out her dream of becoming a rancher here in the 1940s.

The Becker’s were one of the first families to settle our area, and influenced much of the history politically and as merchants.

418 E Main St
Springerville, Arizona
(928) 333-2656 Ext 230