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The Springerville-Eagar Regional Chamber of Commerce serves all communities of Apache County.

Visitor Information Alpine, Arizona (image)


Experience the high-country charm of Alpine, Arizona. 2015 Winner of the Best Tasting Water in Arizona award.

Visitor Information Concho, Arizona (image)


A community for active retirees, ranchers, and families looking for a healthy, small-town lifestyle.

Visitor Information Eagar, Arizona (image)


Nestled at the base of the White Mountains in northeastern Arizona, Eagar serves as a central point to the region’s recreational opportunities.

Visitor Information Greer, Arizona (image)


Sunny days and cool nights page a spectacular palette of fall colors; spring days melt the snow to fill the lakes and streams for summer fishing; and winter fills the land with pristine snows.

Visitor Information St. Johns, Arizona (image)

St. Johns

The Town of Friendly Neighbors is an appropriately descriptive motto for this community that takes pride in its close-knit, family-first attitude, high-quality school system, and a city government that cares deeply about its residents and guests.

Visitor Information Springerville, Arizona, (image)


Located in Northeastern Arizona, the Town of Springerville is at the heart of the growing southwest. Originally established in 1879, Springerville sits at an elevation of 7,000 feet.

Visitor Information Vernon, Arizona (image)


Founded as a logging, milling, and ranching town in the early 20th century, Vernon today has an elementary school, churches, and family living you would expect to find in such a region.

Visitor Information Apache County, Arizona (image)

Apache County

Many people think of Arizona as a vast, open desert without vegetation, but Apache and Navajo counties encompass the world’s largest ponderosa pine forest and are designated enterprise zones.